Chocolate packaging

Chocolate packaging, bars packaging, pralines packaging.

Chocolate and chocolate products have a long shelf life so it is very important to eliminate the impact of moisture and light on the product. Metallized film and laminate provide the best protection. Tight packaging provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture, odour and taste.

We utilize the unique advantages of metallized film – strength, ductility, plasticity, barrier properties, resistance to extreme temperatures. In SILVERO demetallization technology, the process begins with flexographic printing, demetallization and finally laminating with other materials. The result is unique packaging with metallic shine, transparent window, which makes the chocolate product stand out on the shop shelf.

We produce demetallized packaging for chocolate and chocolate products/chocolate bars mainly with the use of biaxially-oriented polypropylene BOPP film for external wrapping. On the reverse side of the BOPP film, we apply a cold bonding adhesive/cold seal/, which enables the packaging to be closed using pressure and does not allow for the chocolate product to be affected by increased temperature.

Chocolate and pralines packaging in SILVERO technology.

SILVERO demetallization technology makes it easy to transform any packaging. The use of real colours of silver, gold or other metallic colours gives the product a premium character. Additionally, a transparent window of any shape presents the contents of the package. It attracts attention and lets customers see the contents, e.g. nuts with chocolate, dried fruit, etc.

demetalizowane opakowanie premium z okienkiem do czekolady
Demetalizowane opakowania premium praliny
demetalizowane opakowanie premium z okienkiem do czekolady

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