Coffee and tea packaging

Coffee packaging, tea packaging.

Coffee is a highly valued beverage mainly due to its stimulating effect, deep and full flavour as well as the characteristic aroma. Therefore, the key to maintaining its value and high quality is proper packaging and storage method. It is also the case with tea.

In the SILVERO demetallization technology, we make film packaging that protects coffee for a long time. For the production of coffee packaging we most often use two- and three-layer laminates of polypropylene films, including metallized ones. The packaging has the necessary ventilation. The transparent window is protected by an appropriate barrier and the entire packaging is tight, resistant to damage and extremely attractive. Metallic deep colours and a transparent window that adequately presents coffee beans attract the attention of consumers.

Coffee, tea packaging in SILVERO demetallization technology.

Consumers are increasingly often reaching for premium coffee. It is usually a selected blend of coffees with various characteristics as well as intense aroma and taste. Premium is most often a product designed for true coffee connoisseurs, for whom it is not the price but the quality of the product that matters. They attach significant importance to the packaging, which is very characteristic for this sector. Typical premium coffee packaging is richly gilded, has deep colours and now it also presents the high quality of the beans contained in the packaging through a transparent window. This is the spectacular effect of the premium brand. WOW!

Demetalizowane opakowanie premium do kawy
Demetalizowane opakowanie premium do kawy
Demetalizowane opakowanie premium do kawy

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