Cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging, shampoo packaging, liquid soap packaging.

Soft cosmetic packaging is becoming more and more popular, as it is much lighter and cheaper than typical plastic packaging. For cosmetic products, we offer doypacks made of an appropriate composition of laminates, which includes BOPP or PET metallized film. Laminate packaging is very economical and comfortable in use and logistics. Doypacks are used for packing various types of cosmetic products in bulk, liquid or granular form, such as liquid soaps, shampoos, bath lotions and sea salts. Flexible, soft packaging is greener, as it contains 70% less plastic than rigid packaging of the same capacity.

Packaging for cosmetics can be equipped with zipper closing or a cap. Additionally, we can make a euro hanging tab and perforation.

Cosmetics packaging in SILVERO technology

Buying cosmetics is often emotional and packaging particularly influences the sale of a product. Unique design, the use of metallic colours and transparent elements of such packaging can effectively attract the consumer’s attention and strengthen the brand image. SILVERO technology is the only one that makes it possible to achieve such a unique effect at an affordable price. Our packaging combines luxurious and functional features.

Demetalziwoane opakowania premium do kosmetyków
Demetalziwoane opakowania premium do kosmetyków
Demetalziwoane opakowania premium do kosmetyków

Are you looking for a unique packaging? Are you planning to premiumize your products or introduce a new product to the premium segment?

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