Dried fruit and nuts packaging

Dried fruit packaging, nuts packaging.

Dried fruit and nuts are reach in vitamins and nutrients and are gaining in popularity as an excellent, healthy snack. It perfectly fits into the convenience trend popular among modern consumers. It is a source of elements and other substances valuable for the body.

The packaging of dried fruit is an important marketing element that allows to distinguish the product on the shelf. The manufacturers of dried fruit pay special attention to the possibility of presentation of the product with the use of transparent packaging elements. To meet consumer needs even better, they are expanding their product portfolio to include new categories such as dried fruit blends, chocolate coated dried fruit, large premium fruit and small, convenient packaging.

The packaging of dried fruit must retain all the health and taste qualities of the product and be fitted with suitable barriers to oxygen and other gases as well as light when a metallized film is used. The packing of dried fruit should also protect the product against loss of moisture, aroma and colour.

Dried fruit and nuts packaging in SILVERO technology.

Packaging made in SILVERO demetallization technology means unlimited possibilities of creating unique dried fruit and nuts packaging with a window. The use of metallic colours places the product in the premium segment and attracts the attention of consumers. For the production of dried fruit and nuts packaging, we use three-layered laminated with BOPP or BOPET metallized film, which are characterized by appropriate barrier properties, rigidity, resistance to mechanical damage and stability. We produce packaging in the form of Doypack sachets, Doypack with a grip seal and side fold pouches, stabilo, with a bottom and sachets.

opakowanie do bakalii premium
opakowanie do bakalii premium
opakowanie do bakalii premium

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