Film laminates

Film laminates, multilayer laminates, food laminates, laminates for food packaging, laminates for chemical products and cosmetics.

We produce multilayer film laminates with the use of demetallized film with transparent graphic elements tailored to individual designs and requirements of each customer. We select optimal solutions to ensure the adequate durability and barrier properties of the packaging. The desired effect is achieved by combining the properties, thickness and structure of the laminates. A film printed in flexographic technology and demetallized film with a transparent window is one of the layers of laminate. This way we obtain a unique effect of metallic colours and transparency.


Laminate packaging is ideal for food packaging, vacuum packaging, MAP modified atmosphere, fresh and deep-frozen, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Film laminates are produced using solvent-free adhesives and are supplied in rolls of suitable parameters for vertical and horizontal automatic packaging. Laminate packaging is characterized by high mechanical strength, transparency and high surface hardness. Flexible, soft packaging is more environmentally friendly because it contains 70% less plastic than rigid packaging of the same capacity.

Laminat triplex z demetalizowanym PET - opakowania premum z okienkiem
Laminat duplex z demetalizowanym BOPP

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