Fishing groundbait packaging

Fishing groundbait packaging, Fish bait packaging, granule bags, ground bait bags.

Groundbait contains carefully selected and skillfully combined ingredients. Its role is to attract the fish to the place of fishing, stimulate The transparent feeding, dull their vigilance so that they can be caught. Groundbait is a mixture adjusted to the taste preferences of particular fish species with different concentration of taste and smell components. In order to preserve its values, groundbait is packed in tightly closed packages made of a film with specified barrier parameters. Laminate and single-layer film packaging are most commonly used.

Fishing groundbait packaging in SILVERO technology

The popularity of fishing and high competition among transparent producers causes. Increasing care about the appearance of the packaging and a clear trend in the development of premium products. SILVERO technology packaging has all the attributes of premium packaging. Especially for this category of products. Metallic colours will reflect the real appearance of fish scales. The shining packaging will attract the angler’s attention. Transparent window allows assessing the composition and appearance of the ground bait before buying it.

Opakowania demetalizowane premium do zanęt na ryby
Opakowania demetalizowane premium do zanęt na ryby
Opakowania demetalizowane premium do zanęt na ryby

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