Food supplement packaging

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Packaging for food supplements provides excellent storage conditions and convenience of use. Made in SILVERO technology, they are characterized by the high quality of printing with the use of metallic, deep colours and a transparent window. Such attractive packaging effectively attracts customers’ attention. The use of metallized film and individually selected laminate compositions protect the product against UV, oxygen and water vapour.

The bags for packing food supplements made of the demetallized film in various sizes allow for packing from a few dozen grams to a few kilograms of food supplement. We offer flat bags, stand up pouches with side folds and doypacks. Laminate layers consist of: metallized film and polypropylene film. Demetallized supplement packaging can have satin or matt finish and attractive, transparent graphic elements.

Food supplements packaging in SILVERO technology.

Significant competition and dynamic development of this category of products encourage manufacturers to search for new, innovative packaging and premiumization. All this in order to distinguish one’s product, give it a unique character and attract the attention of customers. Packaging in SILVERO technology allows you to use unlimited possibilities of creation with the use of metallic, deep colours and a transparent window. Even before the purchase, the customer can evaluate the product’s visible qualities.

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