Frozen food packaging

Frozen food packaging, packaging for frozen food.

Packaging made of the metallized film is one of the most popular types and meets barrier requirements. The bags are made of multilayer laminates that do not crack in temperatures below zero, and the barrier protects the product from absorbing and emitting odours on both sides. High-quality prints are made with the flexographic method, and the demetallized printed layer is placed between two layers of film in the lamination process so that the print has no direct contact with the product. It is a perfect solution for frozen vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, French fries, meat, fish, mixed fruit and vegetable and frozen ready meals. We use the SILVERO technology to distinguish the packaging and present the product.

Frozen food packaging in SILVERO technology.

Frozen products benefit from memorable packaging. Among the great number of competing products, the challenge is to present the products in a way that is distinctive and strongly appealing to customers. Metallic colours and transparent windows certainly enable achievement of such effect. They are also in line with current premiumization trends in this FMCG product sector.

opakowania do mrożnek
opakowania do mrożnek
opakowania do mrożnek

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