Household chemicals packaging

Household chemistry packaging, washing capsules packaging, washing powder packaging.

Packaging made of the metallized film is used to pack loose, liquid and bulk products, e.g. washing capsules. High-quality flexographic printing, individual laminate composition and the advantages of SILVERO technology guarantee the production of impressive packaging. Laminates are enriched with matt or satin varnish. The use of metallized film in laminate packaging ensures proper product protection and is safe for consumers. It is characterized by high strength and durability typical for household chemicals packaging.

Washing detergents packaging in SILVERO technology.

Packaging of cleaning and washing products is an important marketing element, especially when consumers choose more and more expensive and higher quality household chemicals. Therefore, the use of graphic metallic elements on the packaging and a transparent window will be an important distinguishing feature of the SILVERO packaging technology. The customer can see the composition of the washing powder, the appearance of washing or dishwashing tablets and gels on the store shelf. Then, after the purchase, they can check the level of consumption without opening the packaging.

opakowanie proszku do prania
opakowanie proszku do prania
opakowanie proszku do prania

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