Ice-cream cones

Ice-cream cones, demetallized packaging for ice-cream, premium packaging.

Film ice-cream cones in SILVERO demetallization technology constitute a unique effect obtained by using metallized film, deep colors, transparent graphic elements and special perforations allowing for easy unpacking.

Customers buy ice-cream on impulse, which is why the attractiveness of the packaging and the brand image of the manufacturer are so important. Transparent packaging with metallic colors and high quality of printing are therefore of key importance for sales and in standing out from the competition. Ice-cream is a category that is most often premiumized. Customers are guided primarily by taste, high quality ice-cream ingredients, but also by attractive and intriguing packaging. A unique effect is achieved by SILVERO demetallization technology.

Premium rożki do lodów
Opakowanie premium do lodów
Rożki do lodów premium

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