Cold cuts and meat packaging

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Growing consumer demand for cold cuts and pre-packaged meat requires innovative packaging solutions.  The solution is optimal in terms of attractiveness and performance packaging, which will ensure appropriate shelf-life and freshness of the product. Packaging for dry cuts and meats comes in a variety of formats, methods of packing, sealing and storing.

Sausages packaging in SILVERO demetallization technology meets the requirements of extending freshness, appetizing appearance, adjusting packaging techniques to the needs of manufacturers. Metallized film packaging contributes to the optimization of packaging costs, material consumption, logistics efficiency and consumer convenience.

Cold cuts, meat packaging in SILVERO technology.

Made in the SILVERO demetallization technology, they correspond to the current premiumization trends on the market of cold cuts and meat. Sufficiently attractive graphics, metallic colours, an indication of certificates and of the product inspires confidence in the brand because it helps consumers make the right purchasing decisions. Using the SILVERO technology, we can produce packaging for cold cuts and meat, which requires an appropriate barrier to the permeability of gases, aromas and water vapour. Configuration of laminates adjusted to individual requirements will make the product safe, visible, with an excellent taste and appropriately extended

Demetalizowane opakowanie premium do wędlin i kabanosów
Demetalizowane opakowanie premium do wędlin i kabanosów

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