Flexible packaging, demetallized packging, metallized film packaging.

SILVERO demetallization technology enables the production of unique flexographic printed packaging made of metallized film. SILVERO makes it possible to obtain real shades of silver, gold and other metallic colours with a simultaneous display of the product inside the packaging.

Our offer is addressed to:

  • Brand owners – premium brands or brand owners, manufacturers, own brands of retail chains from the portfolio of premium products or products undergoing premiumization. Limited, occasional editions of products – Christmas, First Communion, Valentine’s Day…
  • Premium product categories – sweets, chocolates, ice-cream, coffee, dried fruit, salty snacks, cold cuts, frozen food, coffee, tea, cheese and other delicatessen products. Cosmetics and pet food.
  • Flexographic wide and narrow web printing houses producing metallized packaging for FMCG. They can expand their offer without any investment.
  • Packaging design studios – new possibilities for original design, creation, packaging innovations with elements of transparency, gloss, silver and gold or other metallic colours.

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transparentne opakowanie

SILVERO is the answer to:

  • Growing demand for new, eye-catching packaging – dynamic development of the FMCG and private label sectors, premiumization.
  • The search for effective solutions for the production of packaging made of metallized film, which makes it possible to implement any idea of packaging with a transparent “window” presenting the content while maintaining barrier properties. Mass production scale.
  • The current trends in the packaging market – transparent packaging is the top trend in the packaging market. Giving the product a premium character. Presentation of trademarks and awards – obtaining real colours of gold and silver.


Torebki dekoracyjne do konfekcji słodyczy i ciastek
demetalizowane opakowania premuim do słodyczy
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