Pet food packaging

Pet food packaging, treats packaging.

In SILVERO technology, unique packaging for pet food is created. It is created on the basis of two- and three-layer laminates made of BOPP and BOPET metallized film. Demetallized film packaging for pet food ensures freshness and appropriate shelf-life of products. Using the advantages of the SILVERO technology allows for an improvement of the quality of packaging, distinguishing it on the shelf by using deep metallic colours and a transparent window of any shape. It can also have a very practical advantage – e.g. a measure of pet food consumption.

Packaging for pet food in the SILVERO technology.

The increase in sales of premium and super-premium pet food is due to the growing interest of customers in high-quality pet food. For example, there is a clear trend towards the so-called premiumization of this category of products. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly guided by similar criteria when choosing pet food as when buying food. It is the quality of the pet food, the healthy ingredients and the nutritional value that matter, not the price.

Pet food manufacturers fit into the latest trends and offer more and more premium brands, specialized products, adapted to the age of pets, therefore they are moving towards food packed in one-portion sachets. High competition makes the presentation of the product on the shelf a key factor. Purchasing decisions are largely influenced by the attractiveness of the product packaging.

The response to such market needs is the offer of demetallized packaging in the SILVERO technology. We customize the composition of laminates and methods of closure to meet the customer’s needs. To extend the freshness of the packed food we can use a system of multiple closing or an easy opening system (easy going).

Opakowanie z okienkiem do karmy dla psów
Opakowanie z okienkiem do karmy dla psów
Opakowanie z okienkiem do karmy dla psów

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