Plastic bags

Plastic bags, doypacks, etc. with transperent window

Demetallized packaging in the form of plastic bags made of metallized PET film, in any configuration of finishes/closures. We produce such possible formats as: doypack, grip seal, wicket, flow-pack bags…

Plastic bags are commonly used for packaging food, candies, cookies and many other products because they effectively protect the product from external factors. Thanks to demetallization, the packaging catches the attention of consumers and is more attractive to the eye. Customers can see what they are buying. With SILVERO demetallization technology, the product gains the attributes of a premium product.

demetallized film for premium and high barrier nuts packaging
demetalizowane opakowanie kabanosów premium
Premium packaging with transperent window

Are you looking for a unique packaging? Are you planning to premiumize your products or introduce a new product to the premium segment?

SILVERO's Customer Service Department provides comprehensive advice and technical support in the search for optimal packaging solutions.