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SILVERO demetallization technology enables the production of high-quality flexible packaging made of metallized film for the FMCG sector. The custom-designed flexographic printed demetallized packaging products with metallic colours and transparent graphic elements meets the high requirements of the premium segment. Our offer of products includes:

We can also perform the demetallization process in cooperation with the flexographic printing house that currently produces your packaging.

Demetallized packaging:

  • allows manufacturers to provide suitable storage conditions, attractive packaging and, at the same time, shows the real product.
  • attracts the attention of consumers, allows them to see what is in the packaging without opening it, and thus encourages them to make better, more conscious purchasing decisions
  • keeps food and other products completely safe and fresh while preserving their high quality.

Transparent packaging is currently on the top list of food companies, especially those that want to emphasize such features as freshness, naturalness, home-like taste and the highest quality. Demetallization technology combined with the features of metallized film results in the product that informs, inspires and attracts the attention of consumers in an innovative way while protecting the products.

The premium product segment is extremely demanding in terms of packaging.

What distinguishes premium packaging is primarily the quality of materials. Consumers subconsciously select products that evoke a sense of high quality. It is important that the premium packaging is made of materials that guarantee a perfect display on the shop shelves.

The premium packaging of food products builds awareness of the quality and value of given goods in the buyer, which increases the probability of paying a higher price for a given product. Premium products are least sensitive to market fluctuations.

Premium packaging represents the added value of a product because it makes the consumer who chooses it to feel special while making its contents even more valuable. It should be intriguing with colour, texture and special effects. Only SILVERO demetallization technology gives you unlimited possibilities of creating unique packaging.


demetalizowane opakowanie kabanosów premium
demetallized film for premium and high barrier nuts packaging
Demetalizowane opakowanie premium do kawy