Snack packaging

Snack packaging, crisps packaging, salty snack packaging.

Snacks are an FMCG category that covers wide range of products such as crisps, nuts, breadsticks, crackers, pretzels, chips, waffles, sandwiches with dry filling and bread crisps. Snacks also include new products such as meat snacks, thin dry smoked pork sausages, mini sausages in a handy packaging. The segment of dried fruit and nuts as well as fruit and vegetable snacks, e.g. fruit-vegetable mousses, fruit-vegetable and fruit mousses, yoghurts, ice-cream in the form of sachets, is developing dynamically. Snacks are the response to the changing needs of consumers who live an active and fast life. They are looking for convenient products to snack on the run.

Packaging is a key element in building the brand image and the success of sales of these products. It protects the product against external impacts. For the production of packaging we use individual compositions of laminates with specific barrier parameters. The packaging has to ensure proper shelf-life, freshness and attractiveness of the product. You can choose from a variety of formats – bag, sachet, doypack, stand up pouch with a convenient closure adapted to the product and a hole for hanging.

Packaging for snacks in SILVERO technology.

Significant competition and dynamic development of this category of FMCG products encourages manufacturers to search for new, innovative packaging. All this in order to distinguish one’s product, give it a unique character and attract the attention of customers. Packaging in SILVERO demetallization technology allows you to use unlimited possibilities of creation with the use of metallic, deep colors and a transparent window. Even before the purchase, the customer can evaluate the product’s clearly visible qualities

opakowanie do bakalii premium
opakowanie do bakalii premium
opakowanie do bakalii premium

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