Stand-up pouch packaging

Demetallized Stand-up pouch

Stand-up pouch packaging made with SILVERO demetallization technology is synonymous with the high quality typical of the premium product segment. A transparent window perfectly presents the advantages of the product itself, while sealed sides and bottom gusset ensure strength and stability. This type of packaging is ideal for sweets, snacks, dried fruit and nuts, frozen foods or pet food and treats.

The versatility of stand-up pouch makes it perfect for most dry, liquid or powdered products.

We guarantee the highest quality flexographic printing on metallized film, transparent elements presenting the contents of the package and any forms of closure, including hanging holes.

Demetalizowane opakowania premium praliny
Demetalizowane opakowania premium praliny
Demetalizowane opakowania premium praliny

Are you looking for a unique packaging? Are you planning to premiumize your products or introduce a new product to the premium segment?

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