Sweets, cookies packaging

Sweets packaging, cookies packaging, bars packaging, confectionery packaging.

Packaging made of the metallized film is designed to ensure the longest shelf life and freshness of the product. The packaging protects the product against external factors, especially those affecting freshness, appearance, aesthetic and taste values of the product.

The packaging in SILVERO demetallization technology is made of the highest quality metallized BOPP and BOPET films and provides the best protection. Sweets and cookies packaging is tight, durable and made esthetically. Appropriate composition and barrier properties of laminates allow storing products for a long time because they effectively protect them against moisture and UV radiation.

Cookies and sweets packaging in SILVERO demetallization technology.

Demetallized packaging in SILVERO technology is used for packing candies, bars, cookies, crackers and gingerbread. The transparent window makes the products stand out on the shelf. The form of our cookies and sweets bags, the quality of printing, metallic shine, transparent window, aesthetics and usefulness of packaging attract the attention of consumers. In addition, bags can be equipped with a zipper closure which ideally protects the product for a long time after opening it. Air and moisture do not have access to the product, so the sweets remain fresh, brittle, aromatic for a long time.

Opakowania premium cold seal i heat seal
Torebki dekoracyjne do konfekcji słodyczy i ciastek
Opakowania premium cold seal i heat seal

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